Weekend Wear

Jacket: Target; T-shirt: Old Navy; Scarf: Target; Skinny Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar; Boots: Olsenboye for Jc.Penney

This is one of my favorite looks for the weekend. The weekend is definitley the time to not put too much thought into your wardrobe... Throw on something that's simple, easy and a bit cozy! My go-to weekend outfit consists of skinny jeans, a basic t-shirt, jacket (or sweater), and a scarf! This is a great alternative for all of you ladies who are married to your yoga pants... *cough cough*... Don't get me wrong, I love my yoga pants! But I still don't have the courage to wear them out all day in public. Plus, you never really know who you might run into while out running those errands! Anyways, give this look a try! It will keep you looking put-together, while still giving off a casual vibe.  I promise you'll love it.