Weekend Roundup


"A Night On the Town" via The Pink Peonies


"Yellow in Cozumellow" via Damsel in Dior


"Melrose Avenue" via The Blonde Salad


"Cut Out For Color" via Hello Fashion


"Aztec Diamond Blouse" via Restyle. Restore. Rejoice

It's been a few weeks since my last Weekend Roundup post, but better late than never!

My hubby and I actually don't have internet at our new house yet... I guess our little country home is a little out of network for most internet companies... Oops! Not worry though... We're working on it! In the meantime I've been blogging on the go wherever I can!

Anyways... Aren't these ladies' looks fabulous?! I love all of the bold colors hat everyone is rockin' this season!