How to Get Voluminous Waves with a Flat Iron!

collage cover So I recently got this AMAZING styling tool via Eva NYC, and I'm loving it!! Not only is the styler great for straightening your hair, but it creates awesome, voluminous waves. The iron has floating titanium plates, which is what allows you to create these gorgeous curls. I have the Galaxy Print Maximum Heat Titanium Styling Iron. If you want to check out more on the styling iron, go to their website here!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to get these voluminous waves using a flat iron! You don't have to use Eva's, but you will need one that is of good quality. Be advised: If you're used to using a traditional curling iron on your hair, this may take a few times to master. Once you get the hang of it, however, it's quick and easy!


1. Start with freshly brushed, straight hair. Pull the top half of your hair up.collage2 collage4

2. Start with a 1 inch section at the front of your face.  Clamp with the iron and slowly move down the section of hair, while flipping the hair up and behind the iron and rotating the iron slightly towards your head. Follow through by continuing to pull the straightener down the section of hair, until you reach the ends. You should end up with a nice curl! (Tip: if you notice the section of hair doesn't really want to stay put behind the iron, try holding it with your other hand, so that it stays behind the iron).collage5collage6 collage7

3. Repeat step to all the way around your head, until you reach the other side. The bottom half of your hair should be fully curled.collage8collage9

4. Take the top half down, and repeat step 2 again, continuing all the way around the head until finished.  collage10

5. Once the entire head is curled, flip your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls and create extra volume.

Voila! That's it! You can finish with some light hold hairspray if you'd like. I've noticed that this style does a really great job of maintaining hold, so I actually didn't use any hair spray.

Also, Eva NYC has a great YouTube channel, where they have video tutorials for all of their styles. If you'd like to check out their video for the same style shown above, go here.

P.S... I'll be giving away one of Eva's styling irons away on the blog soon, so be sure to check back!!

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave any questions and/or comments below!

xoxo - Brie

(Photos by Mariah MPLS)