Style Talk with Lenay Dunn


I'm so thrilled to be kicking off our monthly 'Sisters of Style' feature with a fellow Minnesota- girl... Lenay Dunn! I got to know Lenay back in high school, and have fun memories of us running around stores, posing with mannequins, taking pictures & making stupid videos. You know, typical high school stuff. Oh, if I could still find those photos somewhere! I'm sure they'd be very entertaining. :)

Making 'stupid' videos and just having fun is something that Lenay has always enjoyed... And now she gets to do it for a living. That's why I totally admire her. She's managed to take her desires and things that she loves to do and turn them in to a thriving, successful career. It's a great reminder that everyone's dreams are within reach! (Cheesy sounding, but true!).

Lenay took her goofy home videos to youtube, which soon gained popularity and led her to host Red Bull shows across the country. From there, she moved to LA, then to Tennesee, and landed a gig hosting MTV's '10 on Top' (a pop-culture countdown show with celeb hosts). Now she lives in Tennesee with her husband, Jason, travels to NYC 3-5 days a week to host '10 on Top', and writes songs on her guitar. Be sure to check out her website for more about Lenay & all that she's up to!

Anyways, I got the chance to connect with Lenay & ask her a few questions... Check out her interview below for the full scoop!

Tell us a little about yourself! good smelling soap and candles from bath and body works, green tea, my new Taylor guitar, watching Twilight and Harry Potter, jogging, writing lists in my notebook :)

What inspires you? a pretty notebook. colored pens. a fresh idea.

How would you describe your personal style? when I'm just at home... PJs with cat shirts.  when I'm out and about... skirts, cowgirl boots, and cats shirts.

What's your go-to look? always gotta have my cowgirl boots :)

Favorite place to shop? American Rag :)

What's your #1 style tip? powder & mascara


Worst fashion moment? trying to leave the house for school in my purple Simba shirt in 10th grade and my mom put her foot down and said I'd thank her later.  Thanks mom.

Best fashion moment? I like wearing sparkly dresses to events & premieres :)

Top 5 must haves in your purse? tide to-go.  ha.  chapstick.  pink bubble gum.  phone charger (why do iphones die so fast?).  sometimes flip-flops so I can change into them after my heels.

Thing most likely to splurge on? buying movies on demand.  or cookies.  or starbucks.

Your guilty pleasure? sugar cookies

Favorite food? sugar cookies


Favorite designer(s)? Valentino

Favorite trend? not sneaker wedges.

Heels, flats or sneakers? cowgirl boots.

Your favorite thing to do on a day off? go to the gym

Your biggest accomplishments? staying close to my family & God.

Biggest dream in life?? to just keep dreaming

What advice would you give to other ladies out there who are chasing their dreams? have fun with it!