Seeing Red

Diptic copy

Pants: Target Premium Denim Collection / Blouse: Nordstrom Rack (old) / Jacket: Old Navy / Heels: Mossimo (Target) / Scarf: H&M

For those of you who may be having a case of the Mondays, I thought of something that may brighten up your day….

Red pants! Just like a red lip can do wonders for your mood, so can a pair of red pants. This is especially for all my fellow Minnesotans who really need an extra dose of ‘cheery-ness’, being that sunset is officially at 4:54pm today… Yikes!

These are probably my most favorite pair of pants that I own. Like I said in my earlier post (Amber Skinnies), I was hesitant to purchase my first pair of colored jeans. Once I did, there was no going back. I love this color red because it’s got the perfect amount of pop. It’s not screaming with brightness, but it’s definitely brighter than your typical shade of red. I wore these all summer long, but have even been wearing them into the Fall. You really can wear these pants with anything… a cozy sweater, a t-shirt and leather jacket, a cute jean jacket (like I am here), a pretty blouse, etc, etc. You can dress them up or wear them casual! Ankle boots, knee high boots; heels or flats. Anything works! I also love mixing neutrals with pops of color. And how fun to wear these around the holidays with a pretty, sparkly top?! So many options. Try it and you won’t be sorry!!