Project Progress

So it's been a busy week of home projects, since we moved in! This week I spent a lot of time trying to make my creepy laundry room a little less creepy. I had to spend a large amount of time vacumming up cob webs and scrubbing the floors and walls before I could start painting. I also spent some time freshening up our bathroom. So I thought I would share some before/after pictures! Except I guess these really aren't 'after' pictures... They're more like, 'in progress' pictures! I took these with my iPhone, so they're not the best of quality, but you get the idea!

Laundry Room Before: Dark and dingy. (You know you like that granny wallpaper border! ;-P)


Laundry Room After: Light and Bright! I painted the walls and floor white for a crisp, clean look. Never underestimate the power of white paint, people! I also picked up the cute curtain (Threshold for Target) at the Salvation Army for only $7! Score! Our washer and dryer just arrived, but we're waiting to install those unti I'm completely done with the floors. I'll be painting stripes on them this weekend!


Bathroom Before: Mostly updated, but needed some TLC.


Bathroom After: I replaced the cushioned wood-colored toilet seat (icky!!) for a new white one. I also painted the walls a fresh shade (Martha Stewart Morning Fog), painted the vanity white, an added a fun rug! Hardware and other bathroom items to come soon...


MUCH more progress to come...

xoxo - Brieanna