Mason Michael

So I realize that I've totally been MIA for the past 6 weeks. I had planned on trying to keep up with blogging after Mason was born, but the demands of taking care of a newborn proved to be much too demanding!  I'm sure all of you mommas out there understand! Fortunately, things have settled down a bit and I'm finally figuring out this whole mommy thing! Also, I gotta admit... I didn't exactly feel like having my picture taken in my clothes-  especially since not much fits right now! But of course, these things take time and I'm learning to embrace my post-baby body.... Anyways, back into the world of blogging!

Our precious little Mason Michael was born on February 4th at 2:51pm. He was 6 lbs 10 oz (my tiny little guy) and 20 in long. He was in a breech position right up until birth, so we ended up having a c-section. Everything went so smoothly and it was seriously the best day of our lives! No words can describe the moment when you first see your little baby - perfect, healthy and whole! It was an incredible experience for me and my husband Michael, and for our entire family. We had the most amazing nurses and hospital staff who took such good care of us that we were sad to leave the hospital! Since we left the hospital, we've had the most unconditional love and support from our families and friends. We are so grateful and blessed by our precious little gift from God!!

I gotta admit that I do miss being pregnant, but we'll wait a while until we decide to go through that again. :)