Mani Monday

20130318-092355.jpg 20130318-092404.jpg 20130318-092413.jpg It's another gloomy, snowy, MN morning and I'm trying to have a good attitude about it! This time last year it was in the 70's... And today it's in the 20's.. Blah. Well, enough of my ranting about the weather... On to something more fun. :)

I picked up this new Sally Hansen shade this weekend at Target (Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Kook a Mango), and I'm absolutely loving it! It's the perfect shade of poppy red... It has just the right amount of orange hue, and it's nice and bright. If you're looking fore something that's not your typical shade of red, I'd reach for this one! Also, I love the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure line because the brushes are flat and wide, so you can paint each nail in one easy swipe! Love it!

Have a happy Monday, peeps!

xoxo - Brie