Look for Less: Ankle Strap Heels



Steve Madden Realove  Heels / Target Mossimo Vidal Heeled Ankle Strap Heels

I absolutely love deal hunting and I rarely purchase an item at full price. Many times I'll watch an item each week until it's marked down. If there's still a good amount of the item in stock after the first mark down, I'll try to wait even longer for the next markdown. That's exactly what I did with these Target heels.

Ankle strap heels are so on-trend right now, so when I saw these ones at Target for $29.99 at full price, I knew I had to have them! Once they went on clearance for $9.00, it was a done deal. These are still full price ($29.99), but if you scope out your local Target store, you may be able to find them for less! Still, $29.99 is much better than $80!

I also love this style heel in a nude color (the Steve Madden ones actually come in nude as well as black)... Those are the next ones on my wishlist!

A  quick tip while watching items to go on sale: Ask a sales associate what days they do their markdowns. Retail stores usually follow a markdown schedule of which departments they mark down when!