Oo La Leather

These are some more photos taken by my good friend Gene Pease over at Geneoh Photography. I love having such talented friends! Go look at more of his work. He's amazing!!

What's my current fashion craving? The leather jacket! Lately, I just can't get enough of it. I love it's ability to really up the cool-factor on any outfit. Though it's not really my style to wear lots of black leather, I love adding a leather jacket to something feminine to really mix things up. Here, I've paired a black leather jacket with a colorful chiffon dress. In my book, a good mix of pretty & tough equals style perfection. When I don't know what to wear, what do I reach for? Jeans, a t-shirt or feminine top, and a leather jacket. Also, there's so many colors out there (especially this season) besides just black. I'm actually loving the wide selection of affordable faux leather jackets at Target right now. The colors range from black, cognac, brown, burgundy, mustard yellow, turquoise, etc. There's even a few featuring faux fur trim... fabulous! These colors are so great for fall and are so versatile! Check them out here. Any fellow leather jacket lovers out there?! What's your favorite way to style your leather jacket?