It's a....

20131001-101209.jpg 20131001-101243.jpg 20131001-101258.jpg 20131001-101310.jpg 20131001-101333.jpg 20131001-101354.jpg 20131001-101406.jpg

We're so excited to announce that we're having a baby... BOY!!!

I have to admit, from the day we find out we were pregnant, I had was totally convinced that we were having a little boy. From then on, we've been hoping, praying & planning for a little guy! So to say the least, we're absolutely THRILLED to be giving birth to a precious little boy, whom we already have SO much love for!! We are so incredibly blessed and thankful!

Our little guy is definitely an active one (just like his daddy)... He's been moving and kicking almost non-stop the last few days! We can't wait to meet him!!

P.S. (For those of you interested in details on how we did the reveal).... I bought some pink & blue polka dot balloons & also a couple black balloons (so you couldn't see through them). We had the party store fill the black balloons with blue confetti before they blew them up. When we popped the balloons, the confetti went flying. It was a really fun & simple way to reveal baby's gender!!