Favorite Fall Handbags to Splurge On!

Fall handbags (splurge)


Ok, so I know I said that I was going to post 5 handbags, but I just couldn't narrow it down any more from here!! All of these handbags are absolutely beautiful! Are they a little more spendy than your typical handbag?? Yes, of course. Honestly, I have a lot of handbags that I've bought for $40 or under that I enjoy. I do however have a few bags that I've splurged on or recieved as gifts and I really treasure these ones. Though these are more of an investment up front, you really get your worth out of them and they last for years. You really do pay for quality!

If you're thinking about spending big bucks on a bag, ask yourself these questions: 1. Is it practical? (design, easy to carry, useful storage pockets, etc.) 2. Will it go with at least 70% of my wardrobe? 3. Will I still like it in a year or two? If you can't answer YES to all of those questions, then don't buy the purse! How sad to spend all that money on a bag, only for it end up at the bottom of your closet.

If you are looking at finding yourself a nice purse this fall, these are some of my favorites!! Which one do you like best??