Easy Every Day Waves


I've received so many questions from my readers asking how I curl my hair, so I decided to finally do a tutorial! This is how I style my hair on a typical day. It's a super easy, and is a great every day look! I tried to be detailed in describing each step, but it's really pretty simple!


1. Start with either freshly blown-out hair, or day-old hair (either one works). Heck, you can even use 3 or 4 day old hair- whatever works for you! I like to use a little bit of dry shampoo if my hair isn't freshly washed. Pull the top section of hair back and secure with a clip or hair binder.

2. Use a 1 inch curling iron. I've found this is the best size for achieving natural-looking curls that aren't too tight or too loose. Start with a 1-2 inch section, with the curling iron turning away from the face (never towards the face- it's not flattering!).

Begin curling close to the roots (this creates more volume near the roots) and slowly turn the curling iron, working towards the ends until all the hair is wrapped around the iron. You'll have to slightly open and close the clip a few times to wrap all of the hair around the iron. Hold for a few seconds and release. Take the next section and repeat, working your way around to the back of your head.


3. Once you've finished curling one side, start on the other side. I like to start the next side at the back and work my way towards the front, repeating step 2 with each section. For me, it only takes about 3 sections of hair per side. This goes super fast!

4. Yay, the bottom is finished! Let your curls set as you move on to the rest of your hair. Next, take down the top section of your hair and tease at the crown. (You don't have to do this, but I always like a little extra volume!)


5. Take the top section of hair (at the crown) and wrap around the iron the same way you did in step 2. Start at the roots and work your way towards the ends, turning curling iron until all the hair is wrapped around the iron. Hold and release. Repeat with the section below your crown if it didn't already get curled with the bottom half of your hair.

6. Once the back is finished, start on one side and begin working your way up towards the front, taking 1-2 in sections and repeating step 2.


7. Move on to the other side, working your way towards the front of your head. Pay special attention when curling closest to your face- you'll want these curls to really look good!

8. Allow curls to cool for 5 minutes, if you have time. This will make them last longer throughout the day. If not, don't sweat it! Gently brush through the hair, using light, short strokes. You can also use your fingers to separate the curls. The purpose of this is to break up the curls so they look more natural. Spray with some medium hold hairspray (I love Kenra's Volume Spray 25), and you're good to go!

Once you get the hang of this, it's super easy! I've got it down to a science and can curl my hair in 5-10 minutes.

Tip: If you happen to be in a big hurry but still want some wave, just take larger sections of hair. Your curls will be a little more loose, but you'll get it done a lot faster, and still have a lovely soft wave!

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to send more questions my way!