DIY Striped Nightstand

20130505-2151162 As you may (or may not) know, my husband and I have been renovating our new home for the past two months. Not only are we completely renovating the house, but we also are in serious need of some new furniture!

Rather than buy all brand-spankin-new furniture, I've been trying to give new life to some of our old pieces. It's much more friendly on the budget and actually has proven to be quite fun!

I had the idea to paint our old oak nightstand with gray and white stripes, and decided to go for it. I didn't follow any specific set of directions- I kind of just went for it!

Here's the step by step process of what I did:


1.) Started with a plain old oak nightstand. You could do this with virtually any piece of furniture.

I removed the hardware and took the drawers off. I gave everything a light sand and painted it a solid white using Behr Premium Ultra paint + primer in 'White Truffle'. I used a brush on the hard to reach places, and a foam roller on the rest. It took about 3 coats of white paint and 3 hours to dry completely. Simple!

After the paint was dry, I put the drawers back onto the dresser. (Usually you wouldn't do it this way, but if you want the stripes to line up, it's best that you paint the stripes with the drawers already in place).


2.) I took a yard stick and measured out 2-inch sections starting from the top of the nightstand, all the way to the bottom. I also marked each 2-inch section with a pencil. I did this on all corners of the piece. Make sure to press down firmly to ensure that the tape is sealed down well.


3.) Then it was on to taping. I alternated 2-inch sections 'with tape' and 2-inch sections 'without-tape'.

I used my trusty Frog Tape to tape across the front of the piece, making sure that the tape lined up with my markings on both corners. I then continued the tape around the side, until it wrapped all the way around the nightstand. I really recommend using Frog Tape rather than scotch painters tape for this kind of job, because you're guaranteed to get sharp straight lines.

Note: I had to use 2 pieces of tape to ensure that I covered each 2-inch section, since the tape was less than 2 inches in width. You can make the stripes as thin or as wide as you'd like.


4.) Once the entire piece was taped off, it was smooth sailing. All I had to do was paint in the blank spaces with my gray paint, using Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray and a small brush.

Tip: for a small piece of furniture like this, all you need is a $3 sample from Home Depot. You don't need to purchase a whole quart!

I painted on 2 coats of gray paint with a brush, then peeled off the tape before the paint was completely dry. I also opened the drawers before letting it dry, so that they drawers wouldn't get stuck shut.

5.) After letting the paint dry completely, I sprayed with a polyurethane spray, then waited 24 hours to use.

6.) To finish I added some basic, fresh hardware.





Voila! New nightstand!

P.S.... Don't our  new hardwood floors look great?! My hubby did such a good job installing them! Yay!