Bathroom Update

20130610-132022.jpg 20130610-132013.jpg

So I took these photos on my phone late Saturday night, so they're not the best of quality... But you get the idea! The above photos are what my bathroom looks like now. Let's not forget what it looked like before...


Note the giant overgrown bush that's blocking out a ton of natural light. Ha! We will need to fix that soon. Our ugly bathroom had been hanging over my head the past couples months and I finally worked up the motivation to spiff it up a bit this weekend! We plan on doing a total renovation to it in the future, but for now we're going more budget-friendly with some small cosmetic changes that make a big impact.

Here's what I did:

Painted the trim and cabinets a nice, fresh white, using a paint brush and foam roller. // Painted the walls a nice shade of gray (Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray) // Purchased 2 shower curtains to cover up the ugly brass shower stall (on clearance at Target for $8 each... similar here). Just one curtain was too short, so I cut the bottom half off of one curtains and used iron on fabric adhesive to secure it to the back of the other curtain. Voila! Long shower curtain! // Purchased some fun bathroom accessories for a nice pop of color, including these & these Nate Berkus towels, Nate Berkus rugs, and Threshold shelf. // Spray painted all of the fixtures a brushed nickel, to get rid of the brass color.

The tile definitely isn't my favorite, but I can live with it for now. I think overall it looks so much better than before! What do you think?