At the beach with The Bali Market


You've already heard me talk all about The Bali Market and their insanely pretty Turkish towels. I've loved using them all around my house and can't get enough of them! 

So naturally, when we planned a family vacation to the beach this spring, I had to take one of my towels along... And I'm so glad that I did! Usually when I go on vacation I don't even bother packing a towel because they're so bulky. With my Bali Market towel, I simply rolled it up in my carry on bag! It's so lightweight and easy to take anywhere. And actually it was quite handy as a blanket on a cold flight! And of course it was absolutely perfect to have with me at the beach every day!

Now that it's basically summer, I've been keeping one in my car and I can't tell you how many times it has come in handy! Especially with kids. We've already had many little picnics at the park on our Bali Market towel!

Part of The Bali Market's mission is to encourage families to live simpler, more organized lives by providing products that are both joyful and useful for the family home. This has totally proven true for my family! These towels are both beautiful and useful... Pure perfection!

If you haven't tried one of their towel, you need to! Head to their website to see more!