graceyn sophia


So it's been a whole 5 months since the birth of our sweet baby girl and I'm JUST getting around to posting about her birth. I gotta say... Having two kids is a whole different ball game than just having one! 

The birth of our son Mason was a scheduled c-section, due to him being in a breech position. This time around, I really wanted to try for a VBAC and my doctor was so supportive. I was a little nervous about what labor would actually be like (since I never had even a small contraction with the birth of our son), but I was also excited to go through the process. My due date was June 4th, and as we crept up towards the end of May I was paying close attention to every little sign of labor- eagerly awaiting her arrival! 

When I went to bed on the night of May 25th I was having a lot of cramping. I thought to myself, "Maybe when I wake up tomorrow we'll be having this baby!" Well the next morning came, I woke up, and I didn't feel a thing. Not. One. Thing. Feeling a bit disappointed, I started going about my morning and getting ready for work. Then suddenly... A contraction. Then... Another one 8 minutes later. Then 7 minutes. Then 6. Within 20 minutes they were 5 minutes apart. My husband was about to go out the door to work when I stopped him and told him that he probably wouldn't be going into work that day. I called the nurse line and they told us to head to the hospital!

We were a week out from my due date, our house was a mess, and we had NOTHING packed for the hospital! I vividly remember my husband having a bit of a panic attack in the kitchen, saying "I'm not ready for this!" "You're not ready?!" I said. "I'M the one having this baby!" Oh, what a morning it was! Too funny.

We got checked into the hospital, and settled into a room. I hadn't eaten any breakfast (since we were in such a rush), and the doctors wouldn't let me eat- since I was at risk for a possible repeat c-section if the VBAC wasn't successful. So, I labored most of the day while trying to get my mind off of food. My mom painted my nails while I bounced on the birthing ball, and family came to visit. I had my brother bring me Starbucks, a yogurt parfait, and some banana bread so that I could have it ready to eat after the baby was born! I knew that I would be ready to eat once they would let me!

Finally around 1:00am on the morning of the 27th it was time to push! The nurses put a heart rate monitor on the baby's head, and were monitoring her closely. My doctor reminded me of the possible risks with an attempted VBAC, and let me know that if at any point the baby were to go into distress, they would do a c-section right away. Well, after some pushing the baby's heart rate began to drop. I remember the doctor telling me "You need to get her out on this push or we're doing something else." At that moment I asked God for strength and pushed with everything I had. Then I heard the doctor say, "She's out!" What beautiful words those were!

The very next moment my sweet baby girl was up on my chest and I heard her first cries. WHAT a joyous noise! Truly the most beautiful noise on earth. And what a relief. I just stared at her, thanking God over and over for this precious gift. I couldn't stop telling my husband how beautiful I thought she was. Completely perfect in every way!

It really couldn't have gone better, and I'm so thankful to God for taking care of every little detail. I ended up only pushing for 8 minutes... 8 minutes! And had a successful VBAC! Oh, and that yogurt parfait and banana bread tasted AMAZING!!!

God gave us the name Graceyn Sophia, meaning "God's blessing, favor" and "Wisdom." She is most certainly a blessing from above! Words cannot express how blessed we feel to have this little angel a part of our lives. We're forever in love!