Summer date night


Earlier this week my (amazing) hubby got a babysitter and took me out on the town for the night! This summer has been so insanely busy for our family (my hubby runs a lawn care & landscaping company), so it was much overdue and SO needed! 

We were kid-free and were able to enjoy each other's company on a warm summer night... For four blissful hours! All you moms know how big of a deal that is! Four hours!!! Crab cakes & lobster on the lake (I know, we kind of went all out), coffee, ice cream, and an evening stroll. So perfect! Quality time is basically my number one love language, so this kind of thing just makes my heart go pitter-patter!

It also gave me the chance to get out of my mom uniform of a t-shirt and yoga pants (jean shorts on a good day) and actually put on a cute summer dress that's been hanging in my closet ever since I bought it 3 months ago!  How cute is it though! It was my first time wearing it and I'm obsessed. Like I'm seriously in love with it. It's perfect with flat sandals for a more casual look, or dressed up with a pair of heels. And so comfy.

Snapped a few iPhone pics while out (nothing fancy here), but thought I'd share them anyways! 

Happy Sunday!

Red floral top


I recently purchased this top, and I love it so much that I had to feature it! It's officially my favorite item that is currently hanging in my closet and is the perfect piece for summer!

This was actually a look that I wore to work, but my favorite way to style this top is with a pair of distressed denim cutoffs and strappy gladiator sandals. I love the mix of the feminine blouse paired with ultra-casual shorts. There's something so very chic about it! It's the perfect summer look for any occasion! 

At the beach with The Bali Market


You've already heard me talk all about The Bali Market and their insanely pretty Turkish towels. I've loved using them all around my house and can't get enough of them! 

So naturally, when we planned a family vacation to the beach this spring, I had to take one of my towels along... And I'm so glad that I did! Usually when I go on vacation I don't even bother packing a towel because they're so bulky. With my Bali Market towel, I simply rolled it up in my carry on bag! It's so lightweight and easy to take anywhere. And actually it was quite handy as a blanket on a cold flight! And of course it was absolutely perfect to have with me at the beach every day!

Now that it's basically summer, I've been keeping one in my car and I can't tell you how many times it has come in handy! Especially with kids. We've already had many little picnics at the park on our Bali Market towel!

Part of The Bali Market's mission is to encourage families to live simpler, more organized lives by providing products that are both joyful and useful for the family home. This has totally proven true for my family! These towels are both beautiful and useful... Pure perfection!

If you haven't tried one of their towel, you need to! Head to their website to see more!